Customer's Request

The idea of the project was to create full-cycle cryptocurrency ecosystem with socialization elements.

What we did

Developed an ICO project plan, which contained product, such as:

  • Cryptocurency exchange. Crypto-exchange with modern interface;
  • Crypto-fiat exchange. Crypto-Fiat exchange service which connects buyers and sellers through geolocation;
  • Engineering hub. Freelance engineering service, with ERC20 coin as payment currency;
  • Cryptoacademy. Learning service, in which people can learn tips and tricks, how to gain profit from cryptocurrencies;
  • Hardware shop. Online store, where people can buy both new and used hardware with crypto-coin;
  • Desktop application for mining. Miner with hardware management system;
  • Mining Pool;
  • Mobile crypto-portfolio application. Portfolio app with rig management;
  • Coin. ERC20 coin, which serve as a basis of the whole project.

As we worked through the project we did (but not limited):

  • conducted requirements elicitation;
  • developed cryptocurrencey exchange prototype;
  • developed design to cryptocurrency exchange;
  • developed mining application;
  • created working prototype of mining pool;
  • established interaction between created systems;
  • developed one-pager and whitepaper.
What we achieved

We gained a unique experience in managing and developing massive cryptocurrency projects, which contained not only mining experience but numerous services as well.

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