Project Overview

Our team is also involved in outstaff projects in international banks. So we have shared experience from the development side and management side as well. The list follows (but not limited):

  • Legal entities: the process of opening the first and the second+ checking accounts, creating legal
    entities, authority management
  • Credit Cards: the process of opening a virtual debit card
  • Personal profile: processes of simplified authorization, the onboarding process
  • Debit and Credit: calculation of interest on deposits and loans, opening corresponding accounts, authority management and management of different signature levels in the organization, fulfilling data for calculation and opening credit accounts, letters of credit, non-targeted consumer credit
  • Logistics: ordering cards, production of cards, routes formation for deliveries
  • Payments: incoming and outgoing, internal and external
  • Other: data migration, p2p loans, microservices development and maintenance
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