Our Big Data Services

We install, configure, and monitor Big Data clusters. Our developers can build practical applications using Big Data paradigms or port existing application into Hadoop. Below are the core services we offer.

Big data consulting services

We can evaluate architecture, plan infrastructure, analyze data and platform uniformity. We have 6-plus years of experience in education and consulting our customers. Improve your Big Data skills with a professional Big Data engineers.

Implementation Services

We work with clients for end-to-end implementations of chosen large data processing and analytics solutions. You will be able to get the clearest directions and guidelines on the proper implementation process.

Big Data Managed Services

We integrate interaction mechanisms and increase data with the existing ecosystem which needs optimal continuous management of the various platforms and applications.

Our key benefits

We will meet your company needs through custom-assembled ERP solutions. The objective of our data science team is to automate processes, diminish costs and provide a smooth flow of data across the enterprise.

Relevant Expertise

Our company has got a solid grounding in providing all kinds of services relatable to Big Data. We evaluate the current status of your software, build and implement improvements, provide resources and support.

Scalable Industry Solutions

We design industry-centric, scalable solutions to stimulate business growth and develop platform standardization for a variety of industries including fintech, healthcare, hospitality, etc.

Data-driven approach to business

We approximate a resolution to an obstacle with a data-driven approach by introducing effective tools. That allows us to offer our clients a more precise and complete description of their data.

Fully dedicated core specialist

Our Big Data architect team has a solid mathematical foundation and in-depth knowledge of an array of algorithms and mathematical rules. We are at your service to start a project at any level of complexity.

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