Outsourcing Services

We build robust software with high technology. Our dynamic talent pool is comprised of many professionals so you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to building a project team.

Software Product Development

Start up your project together with our experts who will help you with idea conception. Our managers will work on estimating the costs and planning budget, setting the duration, scope and outlining the risks.

Mobile Application Development

We deliver intelligent mobile apps with user-friendly UIs for iOS, Android, and Windows platforms. According to your objectives, we will discuss which programming language and development tools to use.

Desktop Application Development

We build desktop apps for distributed enterprise solutions. We can create a custom-designed desktop app in case your requirements are too specific. Just specify your brand colors and corporate style details.

Technical Support

We provide technical assistance for our customers in identifying emerging issues and fixing them on time. Our technical support specialists hold strong analytical thinking skills and up-to-date knowledge of the latest technologies.

Our key benefits

Our solid team will help you find out your business objectives and reach them with the best value. Our workflow is well-designed as care about every single employee works from the same playbook.

Practical Knowledge and Experience

Our knowledge is based on extensive experience in various kinds of software development. We are familiar with all pitfalls and problems that companies can meet when presenting themselves on the web.

Team Scalability

We react quickly to the changes in the project needs. To meet the new challenges, we have all the necessary resources to scale a development team.

Workspace for Dedicated Teams

We know how it is critical to provide a separate workplace for the members of a dedicated team for them to feel comfortable and united with mutual goals.

Technical Support

Technical support employees at MindTec ensure effective teamwork and high software performance. They provide regular sync-ups, technical reports on a daily and weekly basis, and prompt replies to the emerging problems.

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