Project Overview


Full-featured software package for the automation of ANY process of working with debt at ALL stages.

Core Advantages

By automating and optimizing the entire collection process. The system will determine the most effective tools to achieve the highest results.
The productivity of each specialist will increase by 30-50%. Portfolio segmentation allows you to focus and direct resources as efficiently as possible.
In-depth analytics allows online monitoring of the selected collection strategy and, if necessary, promptly make adjustments.
The whole system will be customized “for you”: from existing strategies and visualization of workspaces to transferring the previous portfolio history.
All information on all processes, divisions and employees will be stored in one place in an orderly form.
The system interfaces are userfriendly, and the administration of the program can be carried out by a specialist without technical education.


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0 + people
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Java, Nginx,, Backend REST, Backend WebSockets, HAProxy, .Net, C#, C/C++ Redis, Tomcat, MySQL, MySQL Slave, Ajax, Angular.IO, Javascript, Typescript