Customer's Request

The goal of the project was to create a full-fledged infrastructure for creating, conducting and improving all business processes.

What we did
  • Developed an architectural solution for the client;
  • Deployed and configured all system components;
  • Established interaction between systems at the level of work with business processes;
  • Implemented and adapted the provided custom design of the client into the system, according to the list of tasks;
  • Conducted work and prepared a database of the system for the phased import of customer data into it;
  • Conducted staff training and provided the customer with a plan for the further development of the system.
What we achieved

During this project, we received a unique experience of establishing the interaction of the two systems that were not previously combined. Made a deep customization of the internal interface of the system, adapting the internal components of the system to the customer's needs.

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