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We started cooperation with a client from Singapore and the Philippines at the early stage of the ICO, when white paper was being written and the idea of working on the concept of a future company was underway. The final idea of the company is a set of products from a crypto exchange, a crypto-fiat exchanger, a trading terminal for crypto exchanges and a mobile application for training crypto investors and traders. Our team of 17 people took part in the development of the concept, writing SRS and technical implementation from scratch to the launch of two full-fledged products in production, namely, the trading desktop terminal and the crypto exchange.

What we did

During the 9 months of working on the project, the following was done:

  • developed and approved product concept;
  • in preparation for the ICO, we prepared video and photo materials for the marketing company and the road show;
  • the concept of a full-fledged desktop crypto terminal, like the NYSE and NASDAQ stock exchanges, was thought out and developed from scratch;
  • developed a full-fledged core from scratch that took a different data from different exchanges - 15 top exchanges at the time of launch. The system processes all data streams transforming them into a single stream, which is transmitted to the end user in real time without any delay;
  • the back-end of the system is deployed on 12 servers, each of which had its own node for load distribution and fault tolerance;
  • each exchange gives its own quotes. Our service collects all tick data and stores it in a processed form to build its consolidated charts (graphics) on the client side;
  • server data is encrypted and the system passes the most stringent security tests. Data about users and their sessions are stored in a separate secure database;
  • developed a unique system for monitoring servers and connection status of exchanges in real time;
  • the client part is implemented as a desktop application, which consisted of 19 different windows. Each window could be opened up to six times simultaneously and in real time display different data, at the user's choice. Windows could be placed on six monitors simultaneously connected to a computer;
  • the highlight of the desktop application is that a trader can see quotes from all connected exchanges at the same time in one window. What opens up great opportunities for earnings;
  • since the server part contains all relevant data in real time from all connected exchanges, the system is extremely resistant to loads and can withstand a huge number of simultaneously connected users, since there is no need for each open session to pull the exchange API separately;
  • during the development of the system, a huge potential was laid for the further development of the project both from the technical and business side;
  • a full-fledged crypto exchange was developed with support for the input and output of the main crypto currencies, the execution of the main types of stock exchange transactions, support for hot and cold wallets.
What we achieved
  • At the end of the project, the client received a full-fledged trading desktop terminal for trading on 15 major exchanges with a convenient interface and the ability to see all the data in one place;
  • multifunctional back-end with the possibility of further expanding business functionality;
  • Implemented a crypto exchange, fully working with basic crypto currencies;
  • provided full-fledged information support within the framework of ICO on the products being developed, the development process and the project team.


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