Agile Project Management Technologies

MindTec project managers possess good problem-solving skills to take ad-hoc decisions and make changes on the fly. They are well equipped for providing control and business consulting services at all stages of SDLC.

Scrum methodology

Our Scrum masters will operate in coordination with product owners to develop efficient work strategy for all members of a team and deliver feature-rich software to users by carefully dividing the SDLC into 2-4 weeks sprints.

Trello dashboard

Trello is a comprehensive tool to write to-do-lists and monitor the working progress of every team member. Our managers get stable pushes once a task is done or needs to be resolved. Our clients are welcome to join Trello boards for tracking progress and offer changes.


Agile teams will surely benefit from Jira as it offers a lot of options for assigning people, observing their progress, and commenting on assignments.

Time doctor

You will evermore know what part of workload your employees have just finished and how much time they have spent for that. A unique tool for PMs, product owners, and team members that unite efforts for achieving success.

Our key benefits

Our engagement models allow you to choose among the most convenient options for payment, management, and implementation. When it comes to hiring our PMs we are pleased to show you the core benefits.

Full Business Analysis

Our analytics will identify your core business goal with respect to such affecting factors as innovation, brand awareness, client experience, revenue generation, marketing optimization, etc. You will get a study report on the strengths and vulnerabilities of your business.

Extensive Experience

Our supervisors are experienced in prioritizing tasks, organizing time-effective workload for team members, keeping projects on track. They possess high organizational and dispute solving skills.

Technical Support

Our staff provides explicit instructions on how to work with a particular management instrument. You will be given clear assistance in case you want to monitor sprints progress yourself.

Fast Time to Market

We do our best to stick to the scheduled time to go onto the market. Our project management methods add speed and efficiency to project performance. Every quarter we brush up on the modern methodologies and techniques used for better planning and launching projects.

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