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The core purpose of the Tradelize ecosystem is to create a full-fledged and healthy crypto economy. Tradelize brings all the advantages and functions of traditional trading terminals used by hedge funds, mutual funds, trusts, investment banks and pension funds into the crypto world. The platform will open the door for professional markets participants to come and work in the crypto market.
Tradelize is one the first services to offer the opportunity to follow every step taken by cryptomarket professionals.
Tradelize is the first to offer a professional trading terminal to experienced traders that trade in stocks, futures and options.
Tradelize is the first to create a professional social network for cryptocurrency traders, providing verified statistics database.
Our Goal was to create the Tradelize ecosystem with a unique architecture and a setof customer-specific breakthrough tools, featuring the largest blockchain-powered trader network that seeks to facilitate and enable the mass adoption of crypto trading.

Tradelize solution is perfectly suited for every type of participants:

  • Traders – participants of cryptocurrency markets, who capitalize on crypto market volatility and inefficiencies;
  • Lay users – people who have heard about cryptocurrencies but have not yet tried to profit from them;
  • Cryptoholders– participants who hold cryptocurrency but do not yet know how to bestgain a profit from it.

Tradelize.terminal significantly simplifies the trading process, allowing users to monitor exchange activities in real time and execute transactions through various exchanges all-in-one. The Tradelize terminal enables traders to create a perfect workspace through detailed customization features and settings.
Tradelize mobile app is designed for lay users - the type of cryptoholders who need accessto fast and simplest trading and investing on the go. You will be able to convenientlymanageyour account, browse ProTraders, and quickly copy their trading strategies – all with just afew taps on your mobile device. Easy and effective.
Tradelize web is our one-of-a-kind environment where cryptoholders can with one mouse click follow and copy professional traders and in this way start investing wisely. Traders can share their strategies and get compensated with a portion of the profits of the cryptoholders who follow their investmen decisions. Cryptoholders cantrack ProTraders’ deals in real time.

What we did
Technical Implementation

The Tradelize technological underpinnings can be divided into three major components:

  • Data processing server;
    Technologies: Java, MySQL, PostgreSQL, blockchain, Netty, Jetty, high load technologies,Cloud technologies, FIX API
  • Trading terminal/ client;
    Technologies: C #, WPF
  • Personal online account with statistics;
    Technologies: .Net, MSSQL, Angular 5, Bootstrap 4, Rest API, web services, Cloud

Data Processing Server

The server is built on Java using high-load server technologies. We used a range of productsfor data processing and storage and blockchain technology to ensure data integrityand reliability. Our data processing server is a complex Java-based system with a highnumber of function-based modules and services hosted on dozens of virtual machines.
There are several core components to the server:
  • Exchange data collection (API) module
  • Data processing and data transfer [to the trading terminal] module
  • Order sending and open positions control module
  • Risk management module
  • Statistics module
  • Advanced security system
  • Account management module
  • Wallet management module

Trading terminal

Desktop terminal is a C#-based professional trading tool where ProTraders and cryptoholders will be able to locate all the necessary information from all the exchanges of interest in one place at the same time.

What we achieved

In this project, we received an enormous experience in combining a numerous amount of complex system. Also, we gained experience from managing huge long-term projects with a high frequency of requirement changing.


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